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Specializing in Synthetic & Natural Fabric...

Why choose an upholstery cleaning company that provides peace of mind? We, at Protech702, believe there is comfort in knowing your home is not only clean, but also safe. Our upholstery cleaning solutions are pet and child friendly, so never will you have to worry about harmful chemicals in your home. We have children and have pets as well, we understand!

Chairs & Recliners: From dining chairs to recliners, we ensure your seating is clean and inviting.
Sofas and Couches: We clean fabric and leather sofas, removing dust, grime, and odors.
Mattresses: Revitalize your mattress by eliminating dust mites, allergens, and stains.

Helping You to Live in a Cleaner, Healthier Indoor Environment!

(702) 427-0854